Thursday, May 22, 2008

Manage Password

How many your password? and you feel confuse?

Try this freeware, by Roboform to go, you can manage and no need to remember password one by one. Because the software will make you by pass to go.

And there is have two choice for manage , by hard disk or flash disk.

Download Roboform

MP3 to Ringtone

Feel bored with your ringtones? Why not to compress your CD collection, with this software you can compress your favourite song to small size. In this software you can ripper your CD to MP3 and compress MP3 to small size and more!

Download MP3 to Ringtone

Wifi Radar

This software will be use full for scan if any open access or not around us. This software will automatically scan network around us. Small size, easy to use and absolutely it's Freeware. Install and let the Wifi Radar scanning. Code Red it's mean closed access, Yellow mean need WEP encryption and Green is open access. So, try it and feel free access internet with your PC or Notebook.
Download Wifi-Radar